Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Searching??

Tell me where you lost your fellowship with Christ and I will tell you where you can find Him. Did you lose Christ by forgetting the prayer closet? Then that is where you go back to seek and find Him. Did you lose Christ through sinning? Then the only way to find Him is to give up your sin and ask the Holy Spirit to discipline you. Did you lose Christ by neglecting to read and study the Sciptures? Then yes, (you guessed it) you will again find Him in the scriptures. The old proverb is true, "Look for a thing where you dropped it." Look for Christ where you lost Him for He has not gone away.

It is difficult to go back and look for Christ. When you get lost in a big forest and it's getting dark, it is hard to find your way back. I know this to be true because my oldest brother Alvin got lost in the woods. It got dark and he thought all hope was gone. The road back can be the hardest to travel. Twenty miles forward is easier than one mile back. When you find the Master stay close.

How did you lose Him? One would think you would never leave a friend so precious. He is ssssooo sweet. His words are comforting. His company is no doubt desirable. Why did you not watch Him every moment? Were you not afraid of losing Him?

Even though you let Him go, what a miracle that you are now seeking Him. Keep on looking. It is dangerous to be without the Lord. Without Christ you are like a sheep without a shepherd, a tree without water. With your "Whole" heart seek Him. Give yourself fully to the search and you will discover Him to be your joy and your gladness.

I am sharing what I know to be true. I have had to seek him more than once in my life. As a young wife and mother, hard times would challenge my faith and would cause me to fall out of fellowship with Jesus. I even struggled while wading through rough waters as my husband dealt with the call into the gospel ministry. God had to "prepare" me as well to be a compatible helpmeet, viable asset and not a liability. After many ups and downs throughout this process, I finally cried unto the Lord as did David...."Lord return unto me my salvation". It was then that the Lord took me back where I first believed and restored me back into the fellowship with Him. I don't want to ever have to search for Him again. For He is truly my joy and my gladness.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

What a fellowship? What a joy divine? Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. I have blessed peace, with my Lord so near........
It's one thing to have a relationship with someone but it's another to stay in fellowship.

Thanks for your emphasis on the importance of continual fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Well said my sister. Thank you for sharing. Your words and your experiences serve to encourage us all. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Sis.Pullam thanks for your continued encouragement. You are a blessing to the kingdom. I don't know what the feminine counterpart for Barnabas is but you are definetely a Daughter of Encouragement.

Enjoyed your post also.

Stay Encuraged.

Tony R.

Shauna said...

Good Morning NaNa,
I can truly relate to your blog on Still Searching?. With all of life's trials, storms and pressures, I have too found myself slipping out of fellowship with God and it doesnt feel good. The only good thing about it, is that I recognized that my fellowship with God had been broken because I no longer felt the love, comfort and security up close and personal that I normaaly would if the fellowship had not been broken. Although his love remains constant for me and is never removed, it just feels that way because I let self and my desires interfere with my relationship with God. I have learned in my life that sin definitely does draw me farther away from my Savior. When this happens it leads me to a place of emptiness, with no direction or zeal. I truly began to feel lost, things began to happen and I didnt know what to do, it feels like everything is spiraling out of control. That is when it became absolutely necessasry for me to surrender!!! Let go and let God regain control of my life, heart, soul, mind and body by rebuilding my fellowship with him through constant and consistent prayer and study of his word. I know personally now from things that i have experienced in my life thus far that there is nothing better than knowing Jesus and having him as the true lover of my soul.

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Thank you Pastor Tony for your kind compliment. If I could become as much of an encourager as Barnabas was to Paul then truly that would be a Godly gift indeed. I strive always to be in the will of my Father.

Be blessed

Kim G. said...

I truely enjoyed this post. I must say it struck a cord because I find myself going in and out of fellowship with the Lord. I know that it is not right because when I look back over my life, I know that it was by his GRACE and MERCY that I am still here today. I will truely go back to the place where I lost him and try not to lose him again because it is not a good feeling and I want to stay in his perfect will. God Bless you Mrs. Pullam and keep on doing the work of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Today more than ever before, I needed to see and read this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Pullam.


Chrysanthemama said...

Beautiful message, thank you!

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Shauna, you said a mouth full when you becomes necessary to "surrender". Falling out of fellowship with God is TOTALLY our fault. We have sinned and don't want to look at it. We definitely don't want to admit to it and confess it. We sometimes become DEEPLY dispaired and act as if God has left us. It is "our" sin that separates us from Him. God cannot occupy the same space. We have to break down, back up and cry UNCLE! (surrender) and fall into His arms of forgiveness. We will then be restored into fellowship with Him once again. Being mindful that we must resist the devil at all times. I love you.

Kim G., Are you the Kim I think you are? Do we know each other personally?

Thank you both for stopping by.
Proverbs 3:5&6

D.A. Thomas said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog again. Tell your son Kraig he owes me an email back! :)

Anonymous said...

Sis. Pullam, I remember reading Kevin'g blog where he mentioned he was teaching through the Psalms. I know that if he is anything like his other brother, Kraig, the teaching is dynamic.

Glad to be a source of encouragement.

Be Encouraged.

Tony R.

Watch Me Change said...

You put this together so good that there is nothing more to say. I have had to search for the Lord many times and I'm glad He showed Himself to me. This makes me think of the old folks when they say seek the Lord while He may be found.

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

I'm back... Well, this is a wonderful and thought-provoking post. As always, your thoughts are packed with practicality, passion, and personability. I am grateful to know that you are one of the "trees" that I didn't "fall far from." You are an inspiration.

Love you,

Kim G. said...

Yes I am the one you are thinking about. I think about you guys all the time and I have enjoyed reading what you have to say. It is diffently encouraging. I love you and thanks for sharing with all of us.

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Thanks Kim. I am so happy you stopped by. Hope to see you back home here in Texas for a visit real soon. I know about Military life, been there done that. It is imperative that you find a good church home. You are use to being a very active member. I know your church family here misses you. Kiss the kids for me and say hello to your husband. Does he have any Clergy duties in the military? Come by anytime. Love you.

Be blessed

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Mother, your wisdom is a needed commodity within our blogging fraternity. I am grateful that you are letting us know how important it is for us to have a consistent fellowship with Jesus Christ and with one another. I can't wait to meet my new family one of these days, as both you and Pastor Pullam and Kraig and Kevin have become a big part of my ministry from afar. Bless you greatly.


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Hey Mother,

I had you listed, i don't know what happened. I'll make sure you are back on immediately.

Part B of the 2nd point means you have to trust God to fight your battles. I'm sorry if it was not clear!!

Clinton Smith said...

Great post and wisdom!

Arthur Lane said...

Hello there mother Pullam, thanks for the comments, they were a source of encouragement. Your words on restoring fellowship with Christ, was both challenging and comforting. Many believers struggle with the fellowship issue and need to be challenged on the importance of deepening their fellowship with Christ. Also, believers who have broken fellowship with Christ, need to reassured that they can always come home and find the Father's arms wide open. Thank You Momma