Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Southern Woman with Issues who Can't do HELL!!

It's been a while since I have blogged. I hope and pray that my Blog Family are all doing well. By what I have seen by viewing the dates of you all's last entry, it's been a while for you as well. I'm glad to be here to address you by giving my hellos and best wishes for your birthdays, graduations, and every high point of your lives. Then again, if there has been tragedies, I pray that it has proven to be a blessing in the midst thereof. I will always remember a Sunday school lesson of my youth, "God speaks through Tragedies" I couldn't understand it's truest lesson within until I experienced it for myself. I found that God is faithful to never leave us alone and that He knows how much we can bear.

The 2010 summer months have proven to be my hardest summer to bear in many years. I have reached the age of having hormonal issues which brings about vicious HOT Flashes. That coupled with our South Texas temperatures, I have been simply miserable. LITERALLY!! I cannot hardly wait for my favorite season of the year....FALL.

Here's the thing to make you REALLY feel sorry for me. On top of all of the above, our home air conditioning system has been completely down for two weeks. I'm grateful that the cost of replacement is covered by our insurance....GREAT!! But, we keep getting the run around as to why they are dragging their feet getting our new system installed. Our patience is wearing thin. You can imagine how a hormonal woman can be in this heat. Patience?? Not Much Left!!

We did use a little wisdom by purchasing a small unit for our bedroom. It is a wonderful refuge. You can only last so long in this kind of heat in the rest of the house tending to immediate needs. We have been able to sleep well. One good thing about all of this, we haven't spent this much time together in one spot in a long time.

I would hear folks say all the time during the summer, "this kind of heat reminds me of where I DON'T want to go when I die" and I would cordially agree. FOR REAL.....This summer I found out for SURE, that with this heat....I CAN'T DO HELL!!!!

Yall pray for this Southern Woman with issues, Lol!

Love you

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Where is THAT in the Bible"???

Well, its certainly been a long time since I put in my two cents worth about ANYTHING on the blog. I hope and pray everyone is doing fine and had a wonderfully blessed holiday season. We had a great time celebrating the reason for the season and the relationship of family time together.

I am somewhat excited about something. I came across a book that is entitled by the same words I would quote when trying to verify or validate any subject that may have to have some biblical reference..."Where is it found in the Bible"? Lol. I can't remember every discussion that I have had over the years and the specifics, but I do remember on several occasions falling into a debate about homosexuality, women preachers, abortion, head of houshold and woman not having dominion over a man, why did women have to cover their heads in the temple, why Priest don't marry, etc. It's funny because I found this interesting material in a Dollar General store. All 578 pages that Ken Anderson researched and compiled is filled with over 3,700 contemporary topics and what the bible says about it. From A to Z, from "abuse & academics" to "zodiac & zoology it's in this book. Right smack in the middle is "manipulate, manpower and marching". WHERE IS THAT IN THE BIBLE????

I thought it interesting, (since I am the wife of a clergyman) the topics that was listed under the subject of Elder/clergy. Which by the way had 10 times more scripture references than that of Salvation and Jesus Christ put together. To stimulate your curiousity further, I will list some of the topics below and the scripture references. Maybe one will capture your attention.

  • Born of clergy stock, Exodus 2:1-2 (AB)

  • Seven-day ordination, Exodus 29:35

  • No marriage to divorcees, prostitutes, Leviticus 21:7

  • Holiness by occupation, Leviticus 21:8

  • High quaility lives for clergymen, Leviticus 21:17-23

  • Speaking by divine authority, Leviticus 23:1-2, 9-10, 23-24

  • Military exemption, Numbers 1:47-49

  • Wishing all could be prophets, Numbers 11:29

  • Stoning leaders, Numbers 14:1-11

  • Responsibility for sin, Numbers 18:1 (Berk)

  • Priests owned no property, Numbers 18:20

  • Speaking what the Lord commands, Numbers 23:11-12

  • Concerned pastor's compassionate prayer, Deuteronomy 9:25-29

  • Clergy twofold responsibility, Deuteronomy 10:8-9

  • Clergy decision not court of law, Deuteronomy 17:8-9

  • New clergy's earnestness, Deuteronomy 18:6-7

  • Detecting false prophet, Deuteronomy 18:21-22

  • People without spiritual guidance, Judges 2:18-19

  • Unique calling, circumstances, Judges 17:7-13

  • Hired priest, Judges 18:4 (see 5-26)

  • Priest who worshiped idols, Judges 18:30-31

  • Evil sons as priests, I Samuel 2:12-17, 22-25

  • Layman posing as prophet, I Samuel 13:8-14

  • Lost influence, I Samuel 15:11

  • Refusal to turn against clergy, I Samuel 22:16-17

  • Unqualified for priesthood, I Kings 12:31

  • Anyone could be priest, I Kings 13:33

  • Prophet named troublemaker, I Kings 18:16-18

  • Priest's role in government, 2 Kings 12:1-2 (GNB)

  • Priest consulted prophetess, 2 Kings 22:14

  • Trustworthy Priest, 2 Chronicles 35:2

  • Priest in short supply, 2 Chronicles 29:34

  • Mocking preacher, 2 Chronicles 36:16

  • Clergy wives, Ezra 9:1-2

  • Priest married to unbelievers, Ezra 10:18-44

  • Clergy, manual labor, Nehemiah 3:1-2

  • Priest support themselves, Nehemiah 13:10-11

  • Priest's office defiled, Nehemiah 13:29

  • Shepherd angry at sheep, Psalm 74:1

  • People request pleasant sermons, Isaiah 30:10

  • Touch no unclean thing, Isaiah 52:11

  • Priest rule by their own authority, Jeremiah 5:31

  • Depraved clergy, Jeremiah 8:10

  • Strong preaching ridiculed, Jeremiah 17:15 (LB)

  • Courage to minister under any circumstances, Ezekiel 2:6-7

  • Women preachers, Ezekiel 13:17 (CEV)

  • Priest two functions, Ezekiel 40:44-46

  • Priest commit shameful crimes, Hosea 6:9

  • Degraded clergy, Hosea 9:7

  • People without shepherd, Matthew 9:36

  • Successful preaching, Acts 14:21

There are more than 100 more topics listed under Elder/Clergy. I hope I did not bore you with my facination of this little book. If there is a subject that you wonder if it is listed among these, please comment. I look forward to hearing from you about my literature find.

Note: The Meaning within ( ? )

Amplified Bible (AB), Berkeley Version (BERK), Good News Bible (GNB), Living Bible (LB), Contemporary English Version (CEV).

Until next time, Be Blessed.