Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not because of any material gain. Although, it could be an added bonus. But, just setting aside a time to acknowlege and have a celebration of Love itself , to me is truly AWESOME. Recognizing all the wonderful people I love and cherish, and reflecting and communicating with all those I am privileged to be loved by, thrills my very being. I love the idea of love. I love everything love represents. I love being IN love with a significant other/my husband and everything that it entails.
Valentine's Day is also a special anniversary for my husband and I. This was the day we officially began courting one another. This happened after growing up and serving together in the same youth fellowship at the same church, then becoming good friends and confidants. My life changed after Valentine's Day 1967 that began my life's destiny. I regret nothing or would I change anything in my tranformation from being a singularity to a plural with William L. Pullam. By the goodness of God our plural has gotten bigger and bigger. He has richly enlarged our territory, and I am thankful.

Whenever my husband/pastor has the opportunity to introduce me publicly, he always borrow some of the lyrics of a song produced in the 50's that was sung by Sam Cook. The crowd always anticipate the words because he never fails to include them in his narration. I also have the words in print, matted, framed and it's one of my cherished posessions. Here are a few of the words.

You are the Apple of my Eye
my Cherry Pie
my Cake and Ice Cream
My Sugar and Spice
and Everything Nice
You are the Girl of my Dreams!

He has treated me as though I am everything that is good in his life. I have always felt loved through the good and throughout our struggles. But most of all, I thank God for His love and the awesome love displayed by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. John 15;13

Thank you for the Beautiful two dozen Roses
that reflects the beauty of our relationship
our Eternal Love

I love you William with my Whole Heart. You mean so much to me and there is non that can compare. Thank you for your Love and Respect. I'm yours forever and a day.

Happy Valentine's Day
to all
of my Loved Ones and Dear Friends
Be blessed

1 John 4:7


Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Wow! This post blows me away. I too am thankful and grateful to God for blessing us so abundantly. I would not change a single thing. It has been and continues to be an amazing,loved filled and blessed journey. I never have nor do I ever intend to be timid or bashful in publicly expressing my love for you. I have told the story so much that it probably sounds like a broken record but, once again, for those who may not have heard it yet... lol. As a young man I prayed to God for a wife and I read,as directed by the Lord, through the book of Proverbs and God sent me you. From our very first serious conversation I sensed that there was something very special about you. What started with a Valentine card on Valentine's day in 1967 has blossomed into a lifelong relationship filled with love, friendship and partnership.God has blessed us with wonderful children,grandchildren,family,and great and lasting memories.
I love making you happy and,my dear,you have made me very happy. As I quoted during one of our anniversary celebrations "when I look back your'e everywhere, turn the page,your are there". And, that is so true,when I turn literally any page of my life, you are there and I rejoice in the Lord for that. Thank you "my sweet" for loving me and accepting me as I am. Yes,you are still "the apple of my eye,my cherry pie and yes your are still my cake and ice cream,you are my sugar and spice and everything thing nice, your'e still the girl of my dreams."
Happy Valentines and thank you for a wonderful post.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Mom, Happy Valentine's Day! I know that Pops made your day special and great. You two have a special relationship after all of these years together, and I pray that when Penny and I have that many years together, we will still enjoy and love each other like you two do. I can't wait to get to Corpus Christi.

Love You


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

Wow! I am truly inspired by the loy and fellowship that you and pastor share. May God bless you with many more!

Anonymous said...

Mom ditto Lance and Spoon, what a testimony of God's faithfulness toward you two in the sacred bond of Holy matrimony that you two share.

May the Lord grant you two many more years of precious memories.

God Bless,

Tony R.