Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Instructing Our Children"

This is my Grandson Kamaron LeSean Pullam. By the look of this fish, I would have to label him as a "fisherman in the
making". As a brand new fisherman, he is so happy and thrilled about his Catch of the day. Could he be in training for more important and meaningful prey? One of many GREAT CATCHES of a lifetime? In order to do anything well one should be taught, and give wise instruction from those who are equipped to do so.
It is suggested that our parents and guardians are charged to be good stewards over our children to prepare them for life and to exist on their own, fulfill their destiny and will for their lives. It is also a responsibility to guide towards the things of God.
We as believers and those charged to preach the gospel of Christ, take on the awesome task of the great commission mentioned in Matthew, teaching all nations, domestic and those abroad about Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation.

My Mama always told me that mission begins at home. It is a bad preacher who does not commence a ministry in his own home by precept or example. Yes, the heathen are to be sought, the highways and the hedges are to be searched, but home has first claim. Do not reverse the order of the Lord's arrangements.

Teaching our children is a personal duty. We cannot delegate it to Sunday School teachers or other friendly aids. They can assist, but this sacred obligation is primarily ours, and proxies and sponsors are unbiblical substitutes. Mothers and fathers must, like Abraham, teach their households the fear of the Lord (Geneis 17:23).

Parental teaching is a natural duty (Proverbs 22:6). Who is more able to look after a child's well-being than the parents or it's guardian? If you neglect the instruction of your children, you are worse than a brute and will prove to be powerless with a unruly, contrary, and rebellious child.

A family's religious instruction is necessary for the nation, the family, and the church. By a thousand plots, false teachings are advancing. One of the most effective methods for resisting its inroads, however, is almost neglected; namely, the instruction of children in the faith. Parents should wake up to its importance. My son Pastor Kevin, Kamaron's father, included in his sermon last Sunday, that he and his brother's were instructed by his parents, that ALL young men should read the book of Proverbs. There is great instruction through the word of God in Proverbs about most things you will face in life, even how to choose a wife.

Working in my church with the young people through our singing ministry (the St. John First Singing Angels) is a pleasant duty, to talk about Jesus to our sons and daughters, and through it God saves the children by the parent's biblical instruction, prayers and admonitions.

Who knows through this spiritual command of instructing our children as "fishermen in the making", will reap even greater rewards for the kingdom of God, and many GREAT CATCHES throughout their lifetime and generations to come.

"Tell your children about it. Let your children
tell their children. And their children
another generation

Joel 1:3



Mother Vietta,

Let me start by saying Thank You for prayers while my brother goes to court.

It is so important instilling GOD in our children and guess what, I realize that our teachings are never done and the older they become you begin to learn from them.

Great post!!!

GOD Bless~~~

Reginald C. Payne said...

This is a wonderful post thank God Vietta P'S two Cents worth, thank God indeed you are a women of wisdom, please continue to share your thoughts with us they are indeed a blessing.