Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!! William/Pops/Bebop/Melvin

As a young girl and for as long as I can remember my ambition was to become a wife, a mother and a Nurse. I thank God that I have accomplished all three.

My dreams of being a wife brought about pre-conceived notions and expectations. In my little girl mind, the relationship was always going to be exclusively mine and his. We would love each other deeply and forever, have perfect children (two boys and a girl) Have fabulous vacations and picnics, build a huge home where everybody would have their own space. We would send our children to the best colleges and they each would become doctors and lawyers in addition to playing an instrument in the church. Ultimately becoming grandparents to six perfect grandchildren that we could afford to spoil all the time.

In all of my little girl dreams, I would accomplish a perfect marriage, children and grandchildren. I would become an awesome nurse. I never once intertained the thought of "growing old" I just could never visualized ii in my mind. A husband over the age of 25 was really getting old.

On to my Reality:

I did get married, I did have children, and, I became a nurse. But, We also aged. Who knew? Today I have become the wife of a Sixty year old man. Didn't ever think we would get THAT old. Use to think aging was awefully bad. I have come to know it is such a blessing to see our lives mature and live these many life's experiences together. We can truly say We're not getting older, we're getting BETTER. I love every gray hair on his head, the lines across his forehead, and when his knee acts up. It all tell the story of a man of wisdom that has provided through hard work. I am blessed to have watched the transformation as I transformed along side of him.
Today is the 60th Birthday of my Husband and Pastor, Dr. William Lanier Pullam. I have been with him for 41 of those years and seen him go from one stage in life to another. He did it with dignity and great integrity through the good and the bad. I am so proud to be his wife. I wish him many more wonderful years, to live life to it's fullest and in the will of our Father and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for your love and devotion and being my best friend and most precious gift from God. Thank you for teaching me many things along our journey togther.

I love you Melvin.

Happy Birthday !!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP!!! God has blessed you with a good life, great wife and wonderful sons and daughters both in Texas and all over the country. Enjoy what the Lord has given you!


Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Thank you my dear. Your kind and loving words have touched my heart and encouraged my spirit. You have been a true blessing in my life.
I have been totally blessed and literally overwhelmed with the love and kindness shown toward me as I celebrated this 60th. birthday. My heart has truly been made glad. Cards, letters, gifts, and the list goes on and on. Thank you Lord!
And, as always, I thank God for you. As I have told you before, "when I look back,you're everywhere, turn the page and you are there". Thank you for being there. God is good!

Anonymous said... is such great encouragement and fits my scenario perfectly. I needed to hear that testimony...I really needed it!

Thank you for sharing and please keep this issue for me and my family before the Lord. I really want to do full time ministry but there is so much to risk yet so much to gain. I don't want to be foolish but I do want to trust God.

Please pray. Please.

Your Son,