Friday, August 14, 2009

"Happy Birthday Kraig"

Reverend Kraig Lowell Pullam

On August 13th, 31 years ago on a Sunday night around 11:20 p.m. I was placed in a wheelchair and taken to the labor unit at Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was accompanied by my husband William and my mother-in-law, Arlena. My husband had just started a brand new job with the IBM Corporation, so I sent him home to go back to sleep, so he could go in to work the next day THEN come to the hospital to be with me. This left me alone with my mother-in-law sitting quietly in a dimly lite room. I was in terrific pain. My Mother-in-law couldn't stand to watch. After about an hour, she went to sit in the waiting room. This left my baby and I all alone trying to get the job done. In the 70's you wouldn't know what gender your baby would be until after the birth of the child. Unless the doctor order a test for a particular reason or for high risk issues, you would remain in suspense, hoping and wishing for your preference. I would lay there between each contraction rubbing my belly, talking gently to my anticipated little girl. We already had two sons, and my husband (having had no sisters) desperately wanted a baby girl. All through the pregnancy, I hoped for a girl for his sake.

Off and on during my first two hours there, my nurse would come in to do a physical examination. Being that I was an employee of this same facility, I knew that this wasn't normal procedure at this stage in labor. I became alarmed and started asking pertinent questions. After the staff finally came to the conclusion they couldn't put one over on "one of their own", they decided to tell me their's and my doctor's concern. Being that my baby girl was two weeks early, she had not yet turned completely, and settled into the birth canal. They were trying to assess whether to take me to surgery to do a C section and/or halt my contractions. Before that determination, I asked to have a little more time because I didn't want to have a C section. After turning me on my right side for 45 minuets, the next exam resulted in my baby being in the right position, but it would take time, pain and a lot of pushing to settle her down far enough to be born naturally.

Three hours after that, around 6:30 a.m. My baby's father walked into the room and I was SO glad to see him. He had called his Supervisor and told him, his wife was in labor and wouldn't be in. My Mother-in-law wasn't seen again after she left the room earlier, and had returned home once William had arrived. Shortly after his arrival it was time to PUSH. My back was hurting and seems like every place else was out of joint. I got angry when my husband wasn't saying anything to help me. When he did say something, it was the WRONG thing, so I wanted him to shut up. After telling him hundreds of times that this was all his fault, and a few other kind words, it was time to wheel me into the delivery room. For some reason during that time, this particular hospital would not allow the father to join in the delivery room. So, he kissed my forehead and said he loved me, and walked down to the father's waiting area.

Before they knocked me out under general anesthesia, I was again upset when a doctor came in all dressed in OR attire and I found out that he wasn't MY doctor. It was another doctor taking the calls of my doctor while he was out of town for the weekend. It was a physician I was use to working with all the time, but for some reason didn't get along with very well. I was in smothering pain, so I didn't take much time to care about that. GIVE ME DRUGS PLEASE! NOW!!! Then on to some serious pushing....

As I was coming out of my deep sleep, I heard the sweet voice of my little baby girl, crying at the top of her voice. Then I heard voices of the doctor and attending nurse telling me to open my eyes, take deep breathes, and that I had a big, beautiful, healthy, baby........... B-O-Y !!!... What?... Again? I felt a mega second disappointment (mostly for my husband), glanced to my left where my precious baby was placed, and instantaneously fell in DEEP unspeakable
L-O-V-E !

Kraig Lowell Pullam was born Monday, August 14, 1978 at 7:40 a.m. After 10 hours of labor. Weighing 6lbs. 14oz. and 21in. in length. He was a breast feed baby for 10 months. From the begining he loved kisses from his mommy. I had a visit from an Angel regarding him at age 4 days old (another story).

I love you Kraig. I have not once regreted that you where not a girl. You have been a joy to my heart all your life. You were an easy child to raise. You have never been any trouble to us. I consider you as one of three of my greatest accomplishments in this life. Although, you have done most of the work becoming who you are today. I am grateful to God and feel privileged to have played a major part in bringing forth, nurturing, and raising one of His chosen men of God. I PRAY to God for you daily. Have a wonderful and happy birthday.

I love you very much,
With my Whole Heart!



p.s. Today is also the one year anniversary of my entrance into Blogging.


Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

Momma, I really loved and enjoyed the story!!! Let me also say as you have - I am NOT a girl!!! Do you know that Lance will never let me live this one down? By the way - I always wanted a little sister. I do think that number 4 would have been a girl. At any rate - PRAISE GOD I'm here!!! I love you. Unfortunately, I have to travel (for the first time I think) on my birthday! Let's see how much D'Ani makes me

Vietta P's two cents said...

Do you remember celebrating in the hotel room while we were traveling on vacation to Disney World when you turned 9? Your father and I drove all over town looking for a birthday cake and candles at 10 pm in some small town. We finally found a horrible, spongy, white angel food cake in a small grocery store. We didn't want to break tradition of you ALWAYS having a cake with candles on your birthday. Since we didn't know how old the cake was, not one of us ate a slice of it. We left it in the hotel room for the maid staff. You were so happy for the gesture, and was unbelievably appreciative for a child your age. I still have the photos of that event and the look of joy on your face.

Oh, the memories. I love you.


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Momma, thank you greatly for that story! My brother Kraig is absolutely right, I will never let him live that one down LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to our Creator who knew us in our mother's wombs! I praise Him for always preparing the best for us! I am grateful to Him for loving us so much that He made Kraig Lowell Pullam! My life would have been so incomplete without him.
Thank you Mom for carrying, nuturing, loving, counseling, providing, protecting and praying for him. (You too Dad!-))
Thanks for the hospital story. I had not heard the whole story before. I knew about the girl part, but am still rejoicing that he is who he is!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot that I am not on Facebook. Lol

The last comment was from
Mrs. Kraig Lowell Pullam!!!

Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

What a great, deatailed and beautiful story. Sure brought back some very precious memoires. I must add that once I saw my beautiful bouncing baby son, I was not disappointed at all about him not being a girl... lol.