Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Southern Woman with Issues who Can't do HELL!!

It's been a while since I have blogged. I hope and pray that my Blog Family are all doing well. By what I have seen by viewing the dates of you all's last entry, it's been a while for you as well. I'm glad to be here to address you by giving my hellos and best wishes for your birthdays, graduations, and every high point of your lives. Then again, if there has been tragedies, I pray that it has proven to be a blessing in the midst thereof. I will always remember a Sunday school lesson of my youth, "God speaks through Tragedies" I couldn't understand it's truest lesson within until I experienced it for myself. I found that God is faithful to never leave us alone and that He knows how much we can bear.

The 2010 summer months have proven to be my hardest summer to bear in many years. I have reached the age of having hormonal issues which brings about vicious HOT Flashes. That coupled with our South Texas temperatures, I have been simply miserable. LITERALLY!! I cannot hardly wait for my favorite season of the year....FALL.

Here's the thing to make you REALLY feel sorry for me. On top of all of the above, our home air conditioning system has been completely down for two weeks. I'm grateful that the cost of replacement is covered by our insurance....GREAT!! But, we keep getting the run around as to why they are dragging their feet getting our new system installed. Our patience is wearing thin. You can imagine how a hormonal woman can be in this heat. Patience?? Not Much Left!!

We did use a little wisdom by purchasing a small unit for our bedroom. It is a wonderful refuge. You can only last so long in this kind of heat in the rest of the house tending to immediate needs. We have been able to sleep well. One good thing about all of this, we haven't spent this much time together in one spot in a long time.

I would hear folks say all the time during the summer, "this kind of heat reminds me of where I DON'T want to go when I die" and I would cordially agree. FOR REAL.....This summer I found out for SURE, that with this heat....I CAN'T DO HELL!!!!

Yall pray for this Southern Woman with issues, Lol!

Love you


Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...


First allow me to say that I thank you for your kind words of admonishment, insight, reflection and encouragement on my blogpost. I have always valued your discernment and viewpoint, more now than ever.

Also let me say express - I was away for a while; and have noticed we have drifted to another venue. My hope and prayer is that we will come back; and also find new friendships in this blog world. I am realistic in some respects; knowing that I am running to Facebook quicker than anyone!

I understand how you feel with the heat! Winters are very difficult for me b/c my heating systems always seem to act up during that time. Even in different homes, it never fails. I'm trusting God will have favor upon me this coming Winter! Speaking with you yesterday, I sensed in your voice your weariness; not a sound I like to hear in my mother's voice when I am 3 hours away, feeling powerless to change the dynamics of what you are facing, in addition to planning a family reunion, with all of the things I am personally overwhelmed with in my own life right now.

I'm praying that today is the day your AC is back to normal; and all works out well. Good news (as I always try to see a bright side somewhere)...your electric bill for the month of August should be a lot more pleasant on you and Dad this month!!!

Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Great post. Been so long, it was really good to hear your "two cent's".

Vietta P's two cents said...

Thanks Kraig for the bright side of no a/c these past weeks. It is indeed a bright side. Maybe a new pair of shoes will be possible from our savings. Still no relief from the heat, but we are hanging strong. Thank you for your prayers and concern. Hope to see you soon. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Momma V....thanks for checking in on your son. I am doing ok....just haven't bloged in a while. I am going to aim to get back to it soon.

It really means a lot to know that you are concerned!!

Please keep me in your prayers and I hope things are well with you and Mr. Pullam. Please tell him I said hello.

Pastor Rhone