Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"A Charge To Keep I have"

In the process of anwering many emails and my response to some of my blog family members, I have reflected on many seasons of my life lately. I have thought about (thanks to Rev. Aaron) the very early memories of my childhood. I have also thought about my relationships with the opposite sex and its experiences, and how I came to fall in love with an incredible man. I shared with my youngest son not long ago that with life comes more and more experiences to share. I have communicated so much of my life, the good and the bad, with many who seek answers to so many questions about what they are facing. It is strange how they are drawn to me even before their own family members or parents. All I have is life's lessons to draw from along with the word of God to warn of the do's and don'ts of a particular issue. I have been approached by Pastors seeking a female's point of view ocassionally. I believe and I KNOW God has given me these life experiences and stories to share with "whomsoever" for such a time as this.

As the Pastor's wife, when "I" have questions, when "I" am in despare "WHO" (humanly speaking) am "I" to go to? To my Pastor? What if the issue at the time may be WITH my Pastor? I have had to struggle many times alone and lonely. It was only God who brought me through when I felt no one would understand and/or would make light of my concerns. Then here comes Satan. Trying to conquer my soul at it's most vunerable time. I am wide open. The struggle gets more intense because I have to deal with the discouragement tactics of the devil PLUS the problem at hand. I am grateful that I have gathered along the way some astonishing victories and praise reports.

After the ocassional conflicts life brings I have found that for me a revival has to take place within my soul. I sing songs like "Take me back where I first believed" to relive my rebirth into the life of Christ. Then I say to my soul that "I made a vow" a long time ago and I'm determined to reach my goal. As Pastor Kraig so plainly puts it..."this is just a shift in the wind" on my Christian journey. It can be all good today, then the wind shifts and I'm fighting to remain strong in the Lord. God has found favor in each of my attempts bouncing back with a greater witness and determination. It has been proven to me time after time that God does answer prayer.

And finally, I rejoice being always reminded that "A charge to keep I have and a God to Glorify an ever dying soul to save and fit it for the sky" I will take nothing for my journey thus far and gladly share what I have learned and overcome to help strengthen others for this same pilgrimage. Thank God for His amazing restoring and keeping power. I will remain steadfast until this race is over with the help of the Lord.

James 1:12


Nancie said...

Thank you, Vietta, for sharing with us your life experiences and God's goodness to you! Truly God is using you to strengthen me and many others in our pilgrimage. It is always encouraging to read of how God is leading His people and working wonderfully in their lives. May you continue to experience the lovingkindness of the Lord and share it with others who come into contact with you! Take care and many blessings!

Shauna said...

Good Morning NaNa!

It is funny how the holy spirit works. The title to your blog was the text for a sermon that i heard at a 3:30 service that I attended sunday evening. The subject of the Text was centered around that song A Charge To Keep I Have, the sermon subject was, News To Good To Keep To Yourself. I dont know about anyone else but there is not a day that goes by that I dont stop and take time out to thank God for blessing me to have you in my life. God has blessed you in such a tremendous way, with so many wonderful gifts and attributes. You have been blessed with beauty inside and out, you have been blessed with a powerful voice to minister through song, you have been blessed with the gift of compassion and the list goes on and on but most importantly you have been blessed with the gift of wisdom. Through your gift of wisdom God has been able to use you to lead and guide others through the tangled webs of life according to his will and I feel that all the experiences that you have encountered in your life have prepared you to be that blessing to others. Observing you being a pastors wife is not easy you must wear many hats and uphold and encourage the man of God in his endeavors in conjunction with what you have going on but you do it with so much joy and strength, with no indication of struggle (kinda like superwoman) that those of us around you forget that you are human and have trials of your own so, you pose a good question as far as whom do you turn to when you go through your trials being that everyone turns to you in their trials, and my repsonse is continue to go to God for he is the only true source of help that we have. He is the only one that can fix whatever it is that we are going through, and in conjunction with seeking the Lord's direction and guidance you are surrounded by the love of those who genuinely care for you such as myself, who will be a leaning post to help hold you up in your time of distress. I love you much and I am proud of the woman God has created you to be, an exemplary role model for all to follow. Be encouraged!!

Ed Johnson III said...

Mrs. Vietta,

Thank you for coming over to visit my blog. More than that though, I am grateful that you have "adopted" me into your blogger family. I am thrilled to be one of your "blogger sons". I will definitely check in with you from time to time and will also place you in my blogger roll. Thanks again, and I look foward to our relationship blossoming via the internet. Who knows? Maybe one day I will actually get to meet my DBU college buddy's mom face-to-face. Take care.

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Wow!!! Your blatant honesty and blessed hope is an encouragement to us all. God Bless.

Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Very well said my sister and a blessing to read. Thank you for sharing from the heart. God continues to use you in a marvelous way to encourage others.I encourage you to keep on "keeping the charge."

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

I want to thank you. Not only for such a sincerely honest post, but for the fact that I am a product of your diligently keeping the "charge." I was able to benefit from your seeking to serve the Lord with your entire life. This post is another evidence to this fact.

Love you,