Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

We can all agree that we have had some good days and we have had some bad ones. Our Pastor tells us every Sunday morning that "EVERY day is a good day when you love the Lord". Each time he says this, especially when I have had a tedious week of struggle, it convicts me. I began evaluating whether I spent to much time worrying than I should have. Then I think about where would I be without God. Knowing without Him my circumstances would be fatal. There is hope in Jesus. In spite of how bad I think it is...because of Him, it is a good day.

What makes YOU happy? I know it could be a variety of things. What is the top five? The things money can't buy or do you think....more money, more happiness? Certainly, it could buy less worries... don't you think? Come on, be real. Worries out of the way could make way for happiness, right? I'll give you a minute to think about it. Are you going to answer what is politically correct or do you have a different analogy about real happiness?

The word tells us many things about having joy and contentment. There are ways to have such happiness. First of all the believer should take care that our happiness has its foundation in the Lord (Psalms 43:4). We should be happy and rejoice that He sits on the throne and He rules all things. The Christian delights not only in what God is, but also in what He has done. So let His people tell of His mighty acts. A real good and happy day for me is thinking upon His goodness and praising Him because He's God. In recent days I have been shouting about another storm he just brought me through. This feeling of great relief to a problem solved. Thank you Jesus! "It sure is a happy day" (quote from Gone with the wind).

Let us not cease from rejoicing. As new mercies flow, our gladness in the Lord's loving acts and grace should make us thankful. It should make us happy and it should make us sing (Exodus 15:1-2). Let us be glad in the Lord.

Matthew 6:31-33


Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Yes, my sister. I agree. Some of the days we encounter can be really, really rough. But, yes, I also agree that even in spite of the roughness, when we have the Lord on our side, it is a "good day" anyhow. This is one of the things that motivates me to use this phrase so frequently because I know it to be true.
The question you raised about "what makes you happy?" is quite thought provoking. Since the beginning of time happiness has been sought after, fought for and pursued. But, God gave brother Solomon the wisdom he prayed and asked God for and He concluded that "all is vanity." And yes, without the Lord, it is all vanity. Now, some I'm sure would not agree with me and maybe even call me crazy and off point but I totaly believe in my heart that it is literally impossible for a person to be truly happy without God!
Wow, I could really elaborate on that one but that would be far too long of a comment so I will save that for a possible blog post in the future. And yes, I also agree that the Lord gives us the formula for having joy and contemtment.
God bless you and thanks once again for a great and spirit filled posting. To quote from a mutual friend of ours "sister, you are doing yourself some thining today."

Nancie said...

Amen, Vietta! We have many things to be thankful for daily. As new mercies flow, our gladness in the Lord's loving acts and grace should make us thankful and joyful in Him. Our happiness has its foundation in the Lord and not in our possession or circumstances. I am learning to rejoice in the Lord daily because of His sovereignty, mercies and grace. I am so thankful for His love and salvation. Yes, EVERY day is a good day when we love the Lord! Thanks for sharing this encouraging post with us. Take care and have a blessed weekends and Lord's day!

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Mother, thank you for a great reminder that we all ought to be grateful to be happy in Jesus.


Watch Me Change said...

Aunt Vie,

To answer your question. Muah means I kissed you. That's the sound a kiss makes. Muah! Pucker your lips and say it muah and kiss, lol. Anywho. What makes me happy? Aside from being alive and loved by God, I'd have to say Peyton and my family. So there you have it.
1. Being loved by God
2. Being alive
3. Peyton
4. Family
I guess I say this because oftentimes to tell the truth I'm never really happy. Yes you read right, pick up your jaw. I'm never really happy. My dad has always told me that happiness depends on happenings, that's why it's better to have joy. I try to always have joy in the midst of my sorrow or whatever state I find myself in. So being happy is not really a goal of mine, more like being content. Because if I counted on being happy everyday, I'd probably just end up being sad.

Love you,

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

I still have reason to rejoice. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for your post.

Arhone said...

Mrs. Pullam what a timely reminder. Thanks for such constant encouragements through your post.

Be Encouraged.

Tony R.

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

I must confess and admit - that unless I keep my flesh in tact and in check - I would have the tendency and proclivity to be a 'chronic worrier'. But then, I am often reminded of Christ's instruction in Matthew chapter 5 that shows that worry is a sign and signal of unbelief and portrays the character of an unbeliever. As I ponder your question - the ONLY things that would make me worry ARE those things that are temporal and mundane. Like the average individual, my list would include:
1. Money (not enough of it)
2. Health
3. Death of a family member

The other things I worry about are:
1. God's will for my life being fulfilled

All in all, I think that 'worrying' falls in the category of those sins that must be crucified daily. atleast for me.

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

Worry, coming from the Greek word that means "divided mind," is something I try not to do. However, I agree with the sentiment of everyone who has said it is something we must be prayerful about not doing. I myself have found myself "worrying" about the wellbeing of the church and my family. Therefore, everything associated with their care seems to be a constant concern of mine. Ultimately, I am always able to resound, "this I recall to my mind, therefore I have hope..." So, I will continue to believe Matthew 6:33 that says "all these things shall be added unto you" as I "seek first the Kingdom of God."