Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Kraig's kind of gift? Yeah, sort of.

Well, it's been a while since my last post. I have been pre-occupied with many things and preparations for the holidays. I do hope and pray that your holiday season was a blessed one and filled with family, friends and all the wonderful blessings of life that are "free" Happy New Year to each of you. Thank you Pastor Rhone for your concern and for checking on me.

My husband and I were riding along in our Escalade truck reflecting on our 2008 Christmas blessings yesterday afternoon. We always end up reminiscing on one of our Christmas' past and remembering our 3 young boys at home and how excited they would become. As parents it was a blessing to see them at times wanting to do more giving than receiving. I must admit that one (Kraig) was more prone to this than the other two at Christmas. This is really kind of strange since one of the other two (Kevin) that didn't have an overall giving spirit at this particular time of the year, was the one most giving all the rest of the year. Kevin is known as the "benevolent one" in the family. My son Keith? He LOVED getting new toys but would be upset if Mama didn't get what was to his approval like a puppy or pet snake (lol).

My husband asked during our conversation "do you remember the gift Kraig would give to you every year"? I chuckled and said (to his amazement) "I still have it in a box on a shelf in my closet, I will always keep it". Kraig was about 5 to 7 years old at the time. We had ordered a book entitled "Women of the West". Every year for my birthday, mothers day, and without fail Christmas for about three years in a row, he would pull it off the shelf, gift wrap it, and present that same book to me each time with overwhelming joy. The thing that was most amazing to me was watching the anticipation on his little face wondering how I would receive his gift, if I would like the gift, how proud I would be of the giver, and most of all anticipating my physical response of appreciation to him. Of course, each time my responses to his gift was exactly what he had desired. Although, at first I his memory so lessened that he doesn't remember from one event to the next that he gave me this SAME gift before? Then I would wonder, of all the hundreds of books we own, why THIS particular one? My husband asked "I wonder why he insisted on giving you this same book each time you had a holiday?" I thought about it and answered, there could be multiple reasons. Maybe he saw a need, or he was so pleased with my response and appreciation, he wanted to witness the thrill his mother would get by receiving the same gift I seemed to love each time before.

Just think about it. Those of us who exhort the true meaning of Christmas should NEVER become anesthetize of the joy and celebration of the "gift" that is represented in our Christmas season. The Master has made it possible for us to be offered this same gift over and over again because He sees the need, He is blessed by our appreciation, and it is a manner of praises to God when we are thrilled through our words, deeds and physical responses of "The same Gift"

I anxiously look forward to Christmas of 2009, and all the days and seasons that preceed to rejoice in "The Gift" and it's Benefactor.

And thou shalt have joy and gladness;
and many shall rejoice at His birth.
Luke 1:14


Anonymous said...

Mom this is a powerful recitation with such an appropriate applicable application to the advent of our Savior. May we never treat such Holy intervention with pedestrian reverence.

Kraig, the giving son, I would concur, he is a very generous and gregarious gentlemen and I really enjoy his friendship.

I pray that your days ahead in 2009 will be just as exciting and refreshing as your memories of Christmas' gone by.

Be Encouraged and keep Waiting on Him.

Tony R.

Clinton Smith said...

Hey blog-mom, glad you're back. Happy New Year and may the God bless you real good.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Mother, welcome back to your blogging family. We missed you tremendously. I would say that you have wonderful sons to which you should always be proud of. Glad you are back with us.


Anonymous said...


I thank you for letting us in on your private memories of the man on this Earth that I love the most. I must say however that your baby has improved on his giving! LOL!

Love always,

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

I was excited to hear from you. I knew you would come back in full force. We certainly missed you. Don't do that again, I can't take it.


Mother Vietta,

Happy New Year.

I gather your son enjoyed your reaction with the gift and you were that loving mother.

Memories are to be cherished.

Welcome Back!!!


GOD Bless~~~

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

Okay...I don't have any words! I am speechless. I vaguely remember the book. I will have to see it the next time I am home; I am certain there are a myriad of reasons for me presentation. Did I even buy the book?

Vietta P's two cents said...

No, my sweet Baby you did NOT buy the book. It was a handsome leather bound 9x14 size book with a beautiful woman dressed in Western American 1880's attire on the cover.

I am certain there were many reasons for your presentation of the gift. The one that warmes my heart the most is reason #1... "your love for ME"

I love you MORE! With my Whole heart,

Anonymous said... idea who sooo goood was. She is not invited back whomever she is. It look like trouble so I did not even dare click or open it up. When I figured how to delete her she went straight to file 13.

She needs to know my mom taught me not to talk to

Tony R.

Pastor W.L. Pullam said...

Wow! What a beautiful blog. This blog, just like our conversation, brought back some very precious and treasured memories. No price could ever be placed on the great love that this "gift that kept on giving" demonstrated. It was then and still remains "priceless."
It speaks volumes about the love of both the giver and the receiver of the gift. Oh how I thank God for such a wonderful family. The Lord has truly blessed me beyond measure. And, my sweet, as I tell you so often, you are truly "a pearl of great price."

Vietta P's two cents said...

Thank you My Darling. I love you dearly.

Sweet P