Friday, January 16, 2009

Up Up and Away, We're Off.... see the Forty Fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama inaugurated on Tuesday January 20, 2009. I thank God for being able to witness such an awesome, historical event in the life of our nation. I can hardly contain my excitment.

I have prepared myself for a rigorous day of events since we will be lodging in Philadelphia prior to leaving for DC early Tuesday morning and getting to the site of the inauguation which will include a bus there and another shuttle. We will do the same getting back after the swearing in.

I don't know how much sleep I will get between leaving Texas EARLY Monday morning and arriving in Philly early afternoon of the 19th. We get our rental car and go to DC to pick up our inauguration tickets at the Congressman's office there before 6 p.m. Afterwards, back to Philly that evening. We then go back to DC at 2 a.m. by bus for the event on the 20th (gates open for ticket holders at 9 a.m.), then finally that evening back to Philly. We will be there the rest of the week. I already know that the best seat in the house is at home in my cozy chair and heat. But, we wanted so much to be there and the Lord opened a door and we were one of the 250 who won the ticket lottery offered in South Texas. It took us a week to finally believe we actually won.

I wanted so much to meet a couple of my blog sons while in the area but so far it is not looking very promising. I hope something works out though. You have my cell phone number, call me.

I'm asking my blog family to please be in prayer for my husband and I along with our son Pastor Kevin and his wife LaTonya as we travel by air, bus, shuttle, car, and possibly a train (lol). I am in great hopes that this will be an unforgetable experience, one that we will not soon forget.

Matthew 19:28-30

Blessings to each of you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am excited for you all mom and I will be one of those praying for you and your family during this historic moment in the life of the world and our country. I know you have V.I.P. tickets so tell the Obama's I said hello and I am praying for he and his family... :) Get some rest when you can....are you all going to the after

You all enjoy your trip.

Tony R.


Mother Vietta,

It’s wonderful to have my spiritual mother participating in such a once in a lifetime historical event, the excitement has been building but now that you are attending I feel as though I will be a part of the event.

My own birth mom has followed Obama from the beginning of his campaign, he even came to our city to campaign not only did my wife go to his rally with her cousin but my pastor and the first lady were there along with other pastors and clergy of our fine city.

Enjoy yourself!


GOD Bless~~~


Ms. Vietta P

Today I read the details of your honorable parents and grand parents. I liked the reading.

Naval Langa


Fitts said...

Hi Mother, I miss you and my blog family. My apologies for not checking in sooner, I have been overwhelmed with ministry preperation.

I have not ceased in my prayers for you and the rest of my blog family.

I plan to start back blogging this week or next.

Love you much!

Grace & Peace,


Keith D. Witherspoon said...

I pray that all was well with the trip!! Have fun and be safe!!

Kim said...

Well I am very late but I know you all had a great time and I am so glad that you and the rest of the family were able to go. Look forward to reading about your grand time. God Bless you.